Meet us


Providence Church is a contemporary, Bible-based church that meets in the heart of Sunnybank. The mission of Providence is essentially God’s mission. We do everything we do because we want to see more people come into a joy-filled, saving relationship with God through Jesus.

Our church is a community of people that strives to:

Love Jesus. Love Each Other. Love Our World.

We strive to make God known by our passionate love for Jesus, genuine love for one another and compassionate love for the world God has created.


We’re all different. We’re all imperfect. We’re all in this together.

No matter your history, work title, or ethnicity, we believe that you can belong here.

To help you get to know us, here are a few people who are part of the Providence family:


Mikey is the lead pastor of Providence Church. After completing a Law Degree in Brisbane, Mikey moved to Sydney to study theology at Sydney Missionary Bible College, and to serve as the Hon. Assistant Pastor of GracePoint Presbyterian in Sydney.

“Heidi and I started Providence Church because we wanted more people in Brisbane to know the joy that we have in Jesus. Neither of us grew up knowing God, but once we truly understood what God had done for us at the cross, there was no turning back. Providence will never be the perfect church. As soon as people walk through the doors of church, we want them to know that we are a community of imperfect people, that Jesus loves them, and that he’s worthy of our worship.”

Mikey & Heidi have been married for 5 years and are proud parents to a fur ball called Simba. Together they hunt for Brisbane’s best coffee and are experts in the art of dubsmashing. 


“Providence is my first church! It’s where I first heard God’s Word and it really affected my life. Through Providence, I became a Christian and got baptised! I absolutely love Providence because everyone here is family to me, and it’s a place where I can learn and grow from God’s Word.”

Chris moved from Sydney to Brisbane to study premed at UQ. He knows the McDonalds menu back to front, and can provide live commentaries through any movie. 

Andy & Addie

“We were fortunate enough to be part of the team that launched Providence 18 months ago. It’s been an amazing opportunity to see people come to know God, grow in their relationship with Him, and to live as a community with each other. We lead a mid-week Missional Community Group of workers, and within the group, we’ve seen people grow deeper relationships with God and each other.”

Andy & Addie are high school sweet hearts who met in rural NSW. During the week, Andy crunches numbers for the QLD government while Addie works with flowers and hampers. 


“I stumbled upon Providence on Facebook and decided one day to visit. I was really nervous but when I got there, everyone was so loving and I could definitely see Christ through the people there. I really love evangelism, and have always been involved with missions on campus. Through my Missional Community Group at Providence, I have learned how to do missions everywhere – not just on campus, but also in the workplace and through my relationships with others.”

Zoe studies speech pathology, loves making music, and knows a thing or two about pulling a good coffee shot.


“I found the Providence crew just before they launched and I was excited to get involved because I thought it would be a good opportunity to serve while I was at theological college. And it has been! I’ve been able to co-lead a Missional Community Group, disciple women, and see the background running of a church. But it’s also been more than I expected – it’s been great having family here in Brisbane while I’m studying, people to pray with me for my non-Christian family members, and people to remind me of God’s grace in lots of different ways.”

Megan moved from Northern QLD to study theology in Brisbane. We can’t get enough of her baked goods and sarcastic jokes! 


“I decided to join Providence because of its gospel focused message and the love in its community. At Providence, I had the chance to do Coffee and Jesus and it was a great experience to learn about Jesus in a systematic way, and it has equipped me to share the gospel with others. In my workers community group, I could connect with people in similar situations as me, and it provided a community where I could share and discuss my journey with God.”

Kenny was born in South Korea. He is a med student by day, and a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter by night. 


“I decided to join Providence because I was looking for a Bible based and gospel centred church. Providence teaches us the Bible in a relevant way that applies to our lives and the way we spread the gospel to others. I fell in love with the vision – to love Jesus, each other and the world – it’s so simple, but so relevant, and true, and it’s something we all embrace.”

Eunice grew up in Borneo and moved to Brisbane 6 years ago. She is known for her glorious cheesecakes, her not so glorious puns, and her passion for social justice. 


“Providence has showed me the love of Jesus by extending me love, practical support, and acceptance in tough times and when I needed it the most. Providence has also taught me to love my world by equipping and teaching me to be bold in sharing the Good News to people in my life – at work and at uni.”

Angell has experienced life in various places including the Philippines, China and Sydney! She is a premed student, cooks a mean Japchae and is a keen advocate for Bonds.